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SAMBA Festival Dress

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  • $400.00 USD

Sustainable & Storied
One-Of-A-Kind Wearable Art

The Story of Samba

SAMBA was made from manufacturing scraps donated by Arizona Fashion Source to a zero waste project I helped launch in April, 2018 called "reFABRICate." The scrap pieces were selvage edges from the cutting floor that would otherwise have been discarded. Fortunately for me, the pieces were just perfect for my FESTIVAL COLLECTION design concept!

I studied African dance in high school and Samba was my favorite--high energy, powerful, and proud. This design is part of my enduring love affair with dance.

Over 300 individually sewn fabric streamers were assembled by hand on a size 8 dress form with great joy (and a little nail biting). The most challenging part of Samba's construction was getting the angles across the bust line just right, and predicting how she would respond to a real person's body in motion.

When model Mila Ivany spontaneously broke out of the typical runway walk mold and threw her arms up in celebration, I realized how powerful this design was to inspire bravery, self-expression, and joy. My hope is that whoever adopts Samba will take her dancing. A lot.

50% of Proceeds Benefit Arizona Apparel Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization Growing the Fashion Industry in AZ.

The Story of Samba the Festival Dress

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