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Goddess Dress

Tiger Lily Dress Shop

  • $375.00 USD

This delightful design is the product of a collaboration between Tiger Lily Dress Shop and Laura Madden, Eco-conscious fashion blogger and wellness advocate. After a chance meeting at last year's Arizona Eco-Fashion Week events, Laura and I began a creative project incorporating her style ideas with mine, and this is the dramatic and lovely result!

The Goddess Dress is a very fitted princess seamed one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem and butterfly-like tendrils of fabric that sweep out from the waist to the floor. The dress has a side zip closure, hand made silver lame trim around the hem, and a bit of concealed boning in the bodice to keep everything in place. It would make an excellent homecoming, VIP film festival, or wedding reception garment.

The example shown here on Laura was made from a bolt of fabric that was water damaged at the ends, and so was unsuitable for use in manufacturing. We were able to save the yardage by carefully cutting away the water stained areas to create this textured and iridescent semi formal dress that suits Laura's radiant personality perfectly.

Our Goddess Dress can be made in a variety of fabrics and trims, from reclaimed yardage like this, or from high quality silk dupioni, raw silk, satin, brocade, or jacquard. Pricing depends mostly on your fabric choice and starts at $375.00.

Please plan on at least 6 weeks for the creation of this custom couture garment.

Contact us for more information about any of our ready-to-wear or custom couture garments. We're happy to help!
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