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Tiger Lily Dress Shop offers custom couture designs beginning with a consultation and the taking of your measurements for a perfectly fitted toile (or second skin made of fabric). We are then able to create a custom piece that flatters and fits you far better than any ready-to-wear garment.

Prices for our custom couture garments depend mostly on your fabric choices, and those are almost limitless. Our diverse collection of reclaimed fabrics from thrift stores, antique shops, mill ends, and estate sales is what makes these special creations affordable, Eco-conscious, and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else--almost guaranteed.

Designs in our Eco Couture collection are labor intensive, ultimately personalized, and usually require about 2 months' construction time before a deadline. They are also confident expressions of your own style and fashion sense, and they will be treasures in your closet for decades.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment and enjoy an old world pleasure with a modern conscience, and wonderful possibilities.

Call for more information today: 602-230-9208, or email us at

Phoenix Green Business Leader Gold Certification

Read about us in the November 2018 issue of Green Living Magazine!