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Remarkable Woman, Sandra Mateu Yotty

Posted by Ellen Dayan on

 Custom Made Hitchcock Halter Dress by Tiger Lily Dress Shop  


Sandra Mateu Yotty's custom Hitchcock Halter Dress is made from dark denim fabric with just a little bit of stretch, and has fuchsia cherry blossom embroidery splashed across the top. This design looks so terrific on her because, well... almost everything looks great on her! We love the slightly more youthful and flirty look on Sandra because she's usually engaged in serious fashion business, and it's wonderful to see her bright smile.

Sandra Mateu Yotty is a fashion stylist, blogger and fashionpreneur mentor who has worked in the media and fashion industry for more than 10 years. She dresses and styles men and women for events, video productions, photo shoots, fashion shows and everyday life. She also works with organizations including Phoenix Fashion Week, Arizona Apparel Foundation, and local fashion designers. Sandra also helps fashion entrepreneurs grow their businesses through tips, resources, classes and more at the Fashion Entrepreneur Club.

Sandra says...

“I created the Fashion Entrepreneur Club because when I started my journey as an entrepreneur many years ago. There was no place for me to ask questions, hang out with other industry professionals, and have honest discussions about our fashion businesses. Networking groups and events felt impersonal. Along the way, I did discover some women entrepreneur groups that were more effective and felt more authentic. However, they didn’t focus on the business of fashion. I want to bring the warmth and empowering energy of successful women's groups into the world of fashion business. So, I decided to create a group where fashion entrepreneurs could share tips, resources, and events, and we could provide advice, classes, and support to help grow our fashion businesses. Growing a business is tough. Inspiration, support and knowledge are key to making it happen. You need a place to get your creative juices flowing, connect with people who are going through the same things and learn from each other. That’s what the Fashion Entrepreneur Club is all about.” 

Remarkable Woman: Sandra Mateu Yotty

  • Photography: Jenny Kaufman
  • Photo Editing: Ellen Dayan
  • Hair: Tawny Meyers
  • Make-Up: Diana Anghelus
  • Clothing Design: Tiger Lily Dress Shop

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  • Love the bow! and pretty much everything else about this dress…you wear it well!

    Nancy Ferraro on
  • It was such a great pleasure working with you and the team, Ellen! Sandra wears this dress so well … I always loved this style !

    Diana Anghelus on
  • Sandra you look amazing and I loved learning about your business. Ellen, the bow! I love it!

    Lee Woodward on
  • And hi Jean!! We would love to have you in the group and learn more about you and your business! Please feel free to join us and introduce yourself. We are definitely looking forward to it!!

    Sandra Mateu Yotty on
  • I love this dress and the way it hangs on the model! Sandra is doing so much in the fashion community – truly remarkable indeed. A brilliant design, by a talented designer, on a remarkable woman. Fantastic!!

    Skye Lucking on

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