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Remarkable Woman, Nancy Ferraro

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Meet Nancy Ferraro!

 Nancy’s passionate vision is of a community that is supportive of health and wellness inwardly and environmentally. Her two companies ( and empower people to achieve and maintain balance in their lives, as well as create beautiful, functional and peaceful environments in their home, outdoor spaces, or office.

 Born and raised in Southern California, she has called Arizona her home for over twenty years. From her roots on the beach to her own healing journey in the desert, Nancy’s true passion is to empower people to live their most authentic and fulfilling life. She is also an aspiring writer, ordained minister, animal lover, vegetarian, avid gardener, chef, and mother of four adult children and one grandson.

 Nancy loves natural fiber clothing, so we created a really fun summer top and shorts made from 100% flax linen for her this summer. She also loves lots of freedom of movement so she can spontaneously do cool yoga poses anywhere, anytime.


That's pretty remarkable!















Remarkable Woman: Nancy Ferraro
Photography: Jenny Kaufman
Photo Editing: Ellen Dayan
Hair: Tawny Meyers
Make-Up: Diana Anghelus

Clothing Design: Tiger Lily Dress Shop

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  • Love this so so much!! Nancy is a truly remarkable woman! She gives of her time and energy to help other raise their own vibration. She is such a beautiful human.

    HC Williams on

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