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Remarkable Woman, Jean McKay

Posted by Ellen Dayan on


Festival Pants by Tiger Lily Dress Shop

Jean McKay is one of the first fashion show models we met in Phoenix, and the moment we saw her we knew she was right for us. Jean was the first to wear and show our Festival Pants on the runway. She is as enthusiastic about them as possible and we love her spirit! Fortunately, our Festival Pants are flexible and classy enough to keep up with women like Jean. Check them out here if you have places to go and things to do in perfect style!

 Festival Pants by Tiger Lily Dress Shop


About Jean...

Jean has a killer professional traveling schedule and she's rarely home. She's a technical instructor who teaches project management and she's very proud of the results of her classes. She saves large companies mega bucks! Some of her interests include fashion design, photography, dancing, and encouraging others to go out there and get things done. Jean earned her master's degree in her 50's, she's still modeling at 70, and she says she hopes she lasts long enough to share all of her ideas with the world. Looks like she has another 30 years, at least. Hopefully that will be enough! Tiger Lily Dress Shop celebrates women of all ages and recognizes the valuable contributions of women with remarkable life experiences. Rock on, Jean McKay.

Please see more about Jean here:

Remarkable Woman: Jean McKay
Photography: Jenny Kaufman
Photo Editing: Ellen Dayan
Hair: Tawny Meyers
Make-Up: Diana Anghelus
Clothing Design: Tiger Lily Dress Shop

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  • A really remarkable woman… plus those pants… omg, so different :)

    Diana on
  • You are looking great in those beautiful clothes!

    Judi on

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